Gospel Choir Free

‘Gospel Choir Free’ is a gospel choir consisting of talented project members from different cities in The Netherlands. Because we only work with project members, the composition of the group can differ each project. This means that it is not necessary for members to participate in all the projects of Gospel Choir Free. In this way the choir is very dynamic, enthusiastic and surprising every single project. In general the choir consists of multiple singers and musicians. The choir is directed by Wibo Hijink.

For each project we rehearse between 1 and 3 times. The songs we sing are all gospel songs. One of our most important themes is ‘liberation’. In life we can all be captured by our doubts, sorrow, anger, fear or our past. We believe that only God can set us free. We love to sing about His love and liberation and His work in and through us.

Since its foundation last year, Gospel Choir Free went to France for some concerts in October 2012. In February and March of this year we participated in the album ‘More than a Friend’ from Marianne van de Vlag as backing choir. In april 2013 we had visit Norway. For more information: www.gospelchoirfree.com


Categorie: Gospelgroep Genre: Worship / Praise Plaats: Veenendaal Provincie: Utrecht Prijs: € 350,00 Contact: Wibo Hijink Foto: © Mark Elbertsen Website: » Bezoek website  


Getoond: 2330 Naar site: 1325 Vernieuwd: 17 april 2013  


Als Gospel Choir voor het album More than a Friend van Marianne van de Vlag.